Fri. Mar 1st, 2024
Benazir Taleemi Wazaif Payment Increase 3000 TO 3500 Update

Benazir Taleemi Wazaif Payment

Benazir Taleemi Wazaif has re-introduced the Scholarship, this time parents are informed that the children who are eligible for the Benazir Taleemi Wazaif Program are registered with me. The identity card number on their bay form has not yet appeared,

Important Note

محترم والدین۔۔۔!

اگر آپ کے بچوں کا نام بےنظیر تعلیمی وظائف پروگرام میں رجسٹرڈ ہے اور انکے ب فارم کے اوپر والدہ کا شناختی کارڈ نمبر درج نہیں تھا اور اب اپڈیٹ کروالیا ہے۔

اپڈیٹ شدہ ب فارم کی ایک کاپی بچوں کے اسکول میں اساتذہ کے پاس جمع کروائیں اور ان سے کہیں بےنظیر انکم سپورٹ پروگرام کی طرف سے مانیٹرنگ کےلیے جو نمائندہ آتا ہے اسے بھیج دیں۔ تاکہ ب فارم جلد از جلد اپڈیٹ کیا جاسکے۔

محترم اساتذہ۔۔!

اس اپڈیٹ شدہ ب فارم کی فوٹو کاپی اسکول وزٹ کے دوران مانیٹرنگ آفیسر کو فراہم کی جائیں۔

تاکہ انکا ریکارڈ اپڈیٹ کیا جاسکے۔

ورنہ ان بچوں کا وظیفہ روک دیا جائے گا

so it is big news for them to update their information as soon as possible otherwise their ego will be blocked and they will have to go through a big problem. will fall One of the main reasons for this is that the information of the people who were receiving the money must also be updated before all the information about how you can receive your money will be communicated to you. How to register for the Income Support Program and how to know the information in detail

نشونما 3000 کو 3500
بچوں کے 1500 کو 2000 اور 2500 کو 3000 ہوگا۔
اور ریگولر بینیفیشنی 8500 کو 10500 کر دیا جائے گا

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Benazir Taleemi Wazaif 3500

If you are looking for someone to register you So you are completely wrong, you can get your registration done by following these procedures. Copies of the updated bay form must be submitted to the teachers in the children’s school. Give this information to whoever comes to you To update the form as soon as possible, a photocopy of this updated form must be provided to the monitoring officers during the school visit to update their record otherwise their children will not receive their stipend again.

Make sure that you have given all your information by following the information that we are providing you and only then your registration is possible. And your children hope to get money again this is a simple and easy method by following this you get registered and your children also start getting money easily.

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Who Can Get Money From Taleemi Wazaif

Money is available so you don’t have to worry And your children continue to get a good amount if you and any one of your children who you want to get your registration after registration can get their money easily. Benazir Income Support Program all the details are placed in front of you so that you don’t need to go anywhere else.

Benazir Income Support Program all the details are in front of you. And you don’t need to go anywhere else, your children will also start getting money very soon. This is the promise of the government of Pakistan to you that you complete your registration. Your money is the responsibility of the government, which is very much up to you.

Eligibility Criteria

If you want to take out your own education program or are thinking of starting it, then you should register yourself in the support program, you should make money for your children, you should follow certain steps and get your money

  • Your children should be well-formed
  • The names of your father and mother should be written on them
  • You must not have performed Hajj Umrah
  • Your children should have more than 70% attendance
  • Your children should have a good school character certificate in school
  • You have not previously applied for child benefit

How To Registered In Program 2024

If you want to join this program and don’t know about the registration, or want to register your children, then there is a golden opportunity for you, you have to follow these steps and get your registration done.

  • First of all, you have to go to the NADRA office with your child’s bay form and there you have to register yourself in the bay form after that after the bay form is verified you have to take them to school.
  • And a copy should be kept in the school
  • One copy is to be submitted to Benazir’s office after verification
  • As soon as you receive the confirmation message, your child’s money has arrived
  • So you have to go to your nearest Labor Income Support Program or Benazir Case Center office to get the money