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BISP Internship program

BISP Internship Program

BISP Internship Program is launched by Benazir Income Support Program to provide jobs to students and youth. Through it financial assistance is given to the people, where the poor people are helped through this program, this program has also decided to provide business opportunities to the youth. What is the decision in which we give you jobs in all offices of Benazir?

If you also want to get a job then you can easily get a job through BISP Internship and make yourself stable In this article we will tell you how you can get a job from Benazir and what are the requirements to get this job, what are its benefits, today we will tell you in detail about it and its benefits. Also, you will be given the form to take this job.

Definition of Internship

  • A commitment to providing usually short-term supervised work experience
  • Related to a student’s specific field of study or career aspirations
  • The program will integrate practical experience
  • The rigorous learning experience by Maqsood Sabri Foo aims to achieve BISP’s identified objectives of its Secretariat.
BISP Internship Program Online Registration New Update 2023

How To Apply BISP Internship Program Online.

How to participate in BISP Internship Program is as follows:

  • You will be given a form to register yourself in this program
  • First, you have to write your name, then your National Identity Card number, your email address where you can be contacted, your education, and finally your experience.
  • After that, you have to submit your CV which includes all your information like where you live what is your name what college or university you studied in what field of study If you have done any job then you have experience in it after all you have to press submit button.
  • Your CV will be checked and if you qualify for the relevant job, you will be contacted by a call.

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Objectives Of the BISP Internship

The following are the main objectives of the Benazir Income Support Internship:

  • To promote and support the work of BISP in the youth community from a wide cross-section of society as they complete their
  • Developing a broader and better way of coping with adversity
  • Efforts to attract and develop future talent
  • To provide employment and job opportunities to the youth
  • To bring out the hidden experience within them
  • Also giving an opportunity to interns to participate in ISP areas
  • To create opportunities for professional development for students and fresh graduates to gain experience and prepare themselves for careers.
  • Development in Public Sector Organizations
  • Building an advocacy network for public sector organizations
  • Desire towards an internationally recognized ISP internship program
    and internally compatible which will serve as the flagship for it.

Eligibility Criteria

To participate in the Benazir Internship Program you must meet the following criteria:

  • 16 years HEC recognized three-year post-graduate degree or equivalent diploma
  • 50% or 2.5% GPA marks in Matric SSC Degree or Diploma is required for Internship Selection
  • Participants in this program will be recruited for three to six months with 80% mandatory
  • Along with attendance and remuneration of Rs.10,000 per month
  • The age limit is 22 to 30 years
  • Female candidates are encouraged to apply
  • Madrasa graduates can also apply
  • Huzur applicants have a two per cent quota
  • A five per cent quota is reserved for minorities

Internship Conditions

  • A maximum of twenty interns can be entertained every year to make up BISP’s bill
  • The internship is not less than three months but the maximum duration is up to six months
  • He can start the internship only after he agrees to the given conditions
  • The agreement to join this program will be made by the Director of HR on or before their date
  • Whether or not an applicant is L for this international will be communicated to him/her during the interview
  • Therefore, any concessions agreed between the ISP Secretariat and the Government of Pakistan internship are not applicable
  • Students with this percentage will be offered an internship of six to eight weeks

Application Scope:

These guidelines are applicable to all candidates of the BISP Secretariat. The internship program does not constitute any other form of short-term engagement with the BISP Secretariat such as a contract or temporary position.


The guidelines also aim to update the existing framework for issuing guidelines and guidelines for internship placements in the field along with the BISP Secretariat.

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