Fri. Mar 1st, 2024
Ehsaas Aghosh Program 23000 Registration Latest Update 2024

Aghosh Program Payment

Ehsaas Aghosh Program In the Ehsaas Aghosh program, if you want to register yourself, want to get child money, the complete procedure, in this article you will be told that you can do it by registering yourself. So after registration you can send money to your children and pregnant women from this program. Government of Pakistan has started registration in this program once again. Government of Pakistan has announced to start the registration in this program. Complete registration process is given here.

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Ehsaas Program Aghosh Program is started for pregnant and lactating women in all districts of Punjab Social Protection Authority. Is Registration centers for pregnant and lactating women have been set up in each district and registration is done at the headquarters hospital at the Tehsil level after medical examination and payment is made after medical examination. The objective of starting this program is to give money easily to poor and deserving women who are pregnant and lactating without having to face any kind of problem anywhere.

Aghosh Program Registration Update 2024

Which is their right if you or any person from your family wants to join this program and want to get money then they can easily join this program can get money details easily. Is If you want to get money, you want to get details of money, then all the information is placed before you. You belong to a class that is poor and deserving. Which is exactly families who have not registered in any program before and have not received money for registration.

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If you are facing any problem you want to For pregnant women to get money they can check their money so it is made very easy for women who want to register their money, want to get money, want to know the details of money. Complete details are placed in front of you, you don’t need to go anywhere else, you have to read this article carefully, follow the steps that are given by the government of Pakistan, after that you are registered and You also start getting money

How To Get Payment

Pregnant women and mothers of children up to 2 years of age from 11 selected districts of Punjab Phased financial assistance up to Rs. 23,000 and free facilities at health centers through the Aghosh program. Provision of business assets of up to Rs. 150,000 per household to married couples aged 18 to 35 years from 75,000 households under the Autonomous Programme.

Ehsaas Aghosh Program 23000 Registration Latest Update 2024

3,400 government schools provide international-style primary education and training facilities. Digital registration of patients through electronic medical records at 669 health centers. Unified data and establishment of modern social and economic registry to identify deserving families across Punjab and provide them with better social and economic security. For pregnant women and mothers of children under 2 years of age Phased financial assistance up to Rs. 23,000

How To Registered In Aghosh Program

The registration procedure in Aghosh program has been made very easy so that we lactating women don’t need to go anywhere else and can get their registration done easily.

  • The first step of registration is that you can first register yourself in the Aghosh program at any time
  • Visit the nearest program center where you have to submit your ID card and mobile phone number
  • You can also do this work at the nearest health center where you have to register all these information
  • You will receive a registration confirmation message, then you have to tell it there and your registration will be completed

Registration is mandatory in this program, after that you have to open HBL Connect account if you want to get money easily. HBL Connect account is opened easily.

This account contains your complete details. After opening this account, you can go to the nearest HBL bank, where you will be given account information.You have to provide some information and after that all your account information is displayed to you

Registration Procedure

  • Pregnant women and mothers of children up to 2 years of age can register in the Aghosh
    program at any stage.
    For registration visit the nearest health center along with your national identity
    card and register your details.
  • On receipt of registration confirmation SMS from Bank of Punjab

Aghosh Program CNIC Check Online Registration

After registration you have to make sure whether you are eligible or not then you will be given money based on that also you can get details of money on child’s disgray. This means that your full details will be taken when you go for a check-up and you will be given full details about the financial assistance from the Gousht program when you register for the programme. So read the instructions from google means you will read all the necessary instructions then it will be easy for you to register and get money. This program gives money step by step.

Pregnant women who are pregnant also get money. After that, from the birth of the child to five years, we continue to receive money for the child. If so, they continue to receive this assistance monthly