Wed. Nov 29th, 2023
Election Commission Decision to Consult Political Parties

Matter of Amendments in Election Rules

On Monday, Election Commission in the matter of amending the election rules, People Party leader Mir Hussain Bukhari, along with Muslim League-N, appeared before the People Party Commission and on this occasion, Syed Mir Hussain Bukhari said that the paper party has 60 days to pay the expenses. Only 10 days have been given to the candidates. 

 سید نیئر حسین بخاری نے کہاکہ پارٹی کو اخراجات کیلئے 60 دن جبکہ امیدوار کو صرف10 دن دیے گئے ہیں . اس میں بھی اضافہ کیا جائے اس موقع پر مسلم لیگ ن اور پیپلز پارٹی کے ووکلا نے اپنے اعتراضات کمیشن کے سامنے تحریری طور پر پیش کردئیے .

Syed Mir Hussain Bukhari says that on this occasion the lawyers of Muslim League Noon and Paple Party should present their objections in writing before the commission. On which a member of the commission said that you read the objections. Those who were not agreed by all the members will be called and on this occasion, 

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Member Commission Babar Hassan inquired with the DG of the Election Commission. If the political parties are called to the meeting. There is no problem to which the DG replied that there is no prohibition to sit together with the political parties. The members of the commission said that there is a week after which they will issue the appropriate order.

الیکشن رولز میں ترامیم کا معاملہ 

The case will be adjourned till November 20. After the hearing, the media shared this, People’s Party General Secretary Mir Bukhari said that the election expenses have to be paid to the winning candidates in 10 days. While other candidates have to give details within 30 days.

He said that a rule is being amended, which we have objected to, that the candidates will have to submit these expenses along with their expenses to the political parties. According to the law, these parties have to give details of expenses within 60 days, which is not possible for the candidates.

Syed Nayar Hussain Bukhari Said:

We have suggested to the commission not to add this amendment. And then 60 days should be made for both of them. Jahangir Jadoon, the lawyer of Muslim League Noon, said that we have submitted our objections on the amendment and the Election Commission says that we have not read it so far and after reading.

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He will order and he said that a meeting of political parties has been held on November 20 in which the discussion on the amendment draft will be intense. He said that this is not a judicial matter but an administrative matter. It is not against anyone, he said that all political parties will be taken on board before the election schedule.