Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
Eligible Universities For PM Laptop Scheme New Registration

PM Laptop Scheme

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced that the government will provide laptops to hardworking and talented students. The program aims to provide laptops to talented and poor students across the country so that they can succeed in their education and research experiences. This article provides complete information on the Eligible Universities For PM laptops.

Laptops from Pakistan have started to get. If you have not applied for the laptop scheme, apply now and get a laptop.

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Online registration has been started in this regard. Talented and hardworking students can register for this program and get laptops. According to this program, students will be given one lakh laptops based on merit. For more details about PM’S NATIONAL LAPTOP SCHEME

Eligible Universities For PM Laptop Scheme

The PM Laptop Scheme has been launched for poor and hard-working students. These laptops will be given to the Higher Education Commission working within the HEC and the students studying in public sector educational institutions. These laptops will be given to the student based on the relevant University merit.

PM Laptop Scheme Update

In the upcoming year 2024, more than one lakh Laptops would be provided to Students, both male and female, according to Pakistani Prime Minister Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif. Mainly because many deserving and gifted Students this time around were unable to obtain laptops. Due to the fact that just 50,000 laptops were issued. The government has therefore determined that more than a lakh laptops will be given out to students at all universities in Pakistan starting in the following academic year.

Higher Education Commission (HEC)

Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Scheme Phase-III

Public Sector eligible HEIs

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