Wed. Feb 21st, 2024
EOBI - Good News For 60-Year-Old Private Employes Get Rs10000 Pension Every Month


EOBI Act of 1976 was intended to achieve the objective of Article C of the Constitution by providing for compulsory social insurance. This is to extend the benefits to the insured persons or their dependents.

Employees Old Age Benefits Institution declares that persons registered with EOBI who have reached the prescribed age of 60 years for male employees and 55 years for female employees but are not yet receiving a pension. So contact that institution.

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They are informed by an advertisement that the complete list of such prospective pensioners has been displayed on the website of EOB. All such insured persons can check their details by CNIC or EOBI registration number by visiting the In-reason information link on the website.

EOBI - Good News For 60-Year-Old Private Employes Get Rs10000 Pension Every Month

EOBI New Update about Budget

Under the EOB scheme, the insured persons are entitled to benefits Old age benefit Pensioner In case of retirement Invalid pension Old age grant in case of permanent disability An insured has attained the age of retirement but does not qualify for a pension. Therefore, in case of the expiry of the minimum limit of the survivor’s pension.

You can also Register in the Benazir income support program and get 9000 rupees.

In the federal budget for the next fiscal year, the government has increased the pension of the Employees Old Age Benefit Institute (EOBI) from the current 85 hundred rupees to 10 thousand rupees per month. In view of the economic situation and financial constraints, the pension amount cannot be increased further
Currently, EOBI distributes Rs.4 billion to 430,000 Juster Pensioners.

EOBI Deputy Director General Dr. Javed Shaikh has said that EOBI was given a target of 33.5 billion rupees for the current financial year, but its share in Bhai reached 36 billion rupees in June. Another four billion rupees is expected.

According to the EOBI official, 90 percent of the pension cases of the institution have been settled and a sum of four billion rupees has been distributed to four lakh people.

Now EOIB pensioners don’t need to line up for hours, Bank Al Falah has issued cards for them, and can access their money through ATMs every month.

EOBI Pension Contribution Details

The total contribution towards payment of EOBI pension by the person’s salary is liable to be five percent of the minimum salary prescribed by the salary government and employees have to contribute one percent of their minimum salary. Also it will be collected by pin and employees while remaining 50% will come from Government of Pakistan. If not, this is for you

Final Words

Speaking to a reporter for retired employees, he said that the government should increase the pension. The rate of inflation is increasing day by day and there is no relief for the elderly employees, so here you are told that those employees who want to get a pension, will be able to get a pension And how will you be able to enter all your information keeping in mind the increasing inflation, you have to keep in mind that the tension is also being increased due to the increase in prices.

And to get the full pension of 15 thousand rupees, which will be given to you, the purpose of making this article is this. That the public should be informed that the employees are receiving pensions How they can get their pensions, and what information they need, if they need any information, they can read it and also get all the information.