Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
A Big Increase in the Prices of Fertilizers as the Sowing Process Wheat 

Fertilizer Prices Started Skyrocketing

Fertilizers as the Sowing prices have started skyrocketing, while mafias have started selling at more expensive prices by creating a one-hand price. The fear that wheat cultivation will be affected by increasing prices has increased.

کسان مافیا کا کہنا ہے کہ کھاد کی بڑھتی ہوئی قیمتوں کی وجہ سے کاشتکاروں کو ریلیف دیا جائے کیونکہ کسان خوشحال ہوگا تو پاکستان ملک خوشحال ہوگا

Farmers all over Pakistan are engaged in wheat cultivation. are planted and the prices of Fertilizers as the Sowing are talking to the sky. The prices of DAP and Urea-Potash fertilizers have been increased once again by the fertilizer companies as soon as the wheat planting process has started.

Fertilizers Are Starting To Be Found In Black

DAP fertilizer has started selling at the official rate of 12800 rupees while the market rate is 14000 rupees, urea fertilizer at 3600 rupees is now selling at 6800 rupees, while potash at 12 thousand rupees is selling at 15 thousand rupees. The administration seems to be unable to control the mafia selling fertilizer at high prices. They are trying hard to catch the management who are selling the fertilizer black and seal their shops etc. They should be fined.

Deputy Director Information Abdul Samad Says:

Deputy Director Information Abdul Samad says that action should be taken by the department against the mafia, FIRs have been registered against more than 100 people, while fines of more than 1 crore have also been imposed, says Kisan Abdul Qayyum. I have five acres of land, I am cultivating wheat, and we are not getting fertilizer, but we are getting it in black, we are very worried.

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The farmer mafia says that the rising prices of fertilizers should be reduced and the farmers should be given relief by the government because they had grown maize at such rising prices but this time they had to suffer a lot because of this. The farmer mafia wants the government to give relief to the farmers because if the farmer is prosperous then the country will be prosperous.