Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
PM laptop Scheme FAQs For New Registration

What is the PM Laptop Scheme?

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has launched a laptop scheme to utilize the capabilities of the youth of Pakistan and continue his online education. One lakh laptops will be distributed to the hard-working and talented students in the scheme.

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How to Apply for the PM Laptop Scheme 2023?

Application for PM Laptop Scheme is usually done through the Higher Education Commission HEC or related universities. Click the button for online registration in this scheme. PM Laptop Scheme

What Are the Distribution Criteria for the PM Laptop Scheme?

Laptops will be given on a merit basis in any degree. You must be eligible to get a laptop.

What Are the Benefits of the PM Laptop Scheme?

PML provides you with many resources to demand. It provides them access to educational technology resources, enhances their research skills, and improves their overall educational performance. It is made to gain digital skills and stay connected in the digital period.

How Are the Laptops Distributed to the Selected Students?

The distribution of laptops to selected students is usually connected by the government authority responsible for the Higher Education Commission HEC or PLE Top Scheme. The details of the distribution process are told by the students by universities.

Is the PM Laptop Scheme 2023 Available in All Provinces of Pakistan?

Yes, the purpose of the PMLN Top Scheme is to provide facilities to students from all the provinces and regions of Pakistan. All the students within the urban and yogurt areas who read in the universities can participate.

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Can Students From Private Universities Apply for the PM Laptop Scheme?

The PM Laptop Scheme mainly targets students enrolling in public sector universities or Higher Education Commission HEC.

How Can Students Track the Status of Their PM Laptop Scheme Application?

Students can detect the status of their LAPTOP application status through the Education Commission HS or the relevant official Authority. You can check your request on the site of the PM Laptop Scheme.

How to Apply for a Laptop Scheme?

Click on the online registration button to apply to the laptop scheme and know all its information.


PM laptop scheme was started to distribute laptops to the young youth of Pakistan. But now this program has been stopped for some days. And students are not getting registered. If you are already eligible for this program. So you will go to the laptop again in this program. Advise as neither registration has closed. In this, you will not be shaken and laptops will not be given.

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