Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Tareen Oxford Scholarship announced for Oxford University

Tareen Oxford Scholarship updated

The good news for students studying at the prestigious Oxford University is that they can now apply for Oxford Scholarships. Pakistan Air Pakistan Program (OPP) has launched the latest Oxford call ship with the aim of providing gifted children who cannot further their education due to economic conditions to further their education through sports. It is being told that OPP

According to the Oxford Pakistan program, this scholarship will be awarded to students who are eligible for one of the graduate courses offered at Oxford College but do not have the funds to pay the fees. It is being told that this scholarship is being given to those students who do not have financial resources

Tareen Oxford Scholarship announced for Oxford University

Students who have the ability and determination to contribute to the changing opportunity and the development of South Punjab will make a significant contribution to the effortful fees and living expenses that will be part of the total Ship OPP graduate as much as possible. Each year at least three students from Pakistan and the UK will be shortlisted. Tareen Oxford Scholarship is made possible by Mr. Ali Tareen

Tareen Oxford Scholarship announced for Oxford University

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Eligibility Criteria Oxford Scholarship

  • It is the last year for students to apply for a graduate degree
  • Those students who are from South Punjab and want to participate in this group should present a rasai conference
  • For those students who have passed MSP and also have Ph.D. degrees abroad, their rate is kept up to 20%.
  • rasai conference will be offered one-on-one with the student on Masayakam
  • Those students who are topper in FSC and whose university is topper in the first-year bill
  • And aspire to create the best minds in the world
  • Remember that there will be approximately 30 students from Pakistan each year who will receive a graduate offer
  • There could be hundreds of reasons other than wanting to study at Oxford but not having the funding opportunities
  • Other meritorious students cannot apply to the account for the same reason as they face financial difficulties
Tareen Oxford Scholarship announced for Oxford University

The University of Oxford aims to enhance Pakistan’s academic profile in Pakistan-related studies so that more people are educated in the country by sharing scholar exchange scholarships to enable Oxford University and Pakistan to work as an academic community in Pakistan. To provide good education to people

Oxford Scholarship for Pakistani Students

Ali Khan Tareen has issued the Tareen Oxford Scholarship for the students of South Punjab in collaboration with many universities, the aim of which is to increase the quality of education in South Punjab. Because South Punjab is far behind in educational standards. Tareen Education Foundation in collaboration with Oxford University has decided to issue the Tareen Oxford Scholarship and this scholarship is for graduate students to pursue their higher education at Oxford University.

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