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How To Check Ehsaas Taleemi Wazaif Application Form

How To Check Ehsaas Taleemi Wazaif Application Form

Waseela Taleem App: First time in the history of Pakistan, This program was started For Poor Children Taleem, an education program launched to encourage students in Pakistan.

For the Registration

In this procedure, you were given a form by the Benazir Income Support Program. After filling out this form, you have to submit this form to the school after submitting and verifying your form back. It has to be forwarded to Benazir’s office.

With the help of this procedure, there are many people who are facing difficulties and cannot get their children’s education scholarships. Online Registration was launched, and now an application has been launched to make the process simple and easy to make your children’s education scholarships at home.

Ehsaas Education Scholarship Program is another significant step taken by the Government of Pakistan for the poor people, it aims to provide education to the poor children.

Waseela Taleem App

In this program, 1.5 million children will get access to quality education. This program will give special attention to children living in villages.

This program aims to select the poor children of the country who are economically weak and start working instead of studying at an early age.

Ehsaas Waseela is a program in education that helps children from low-income families in Pakistan. This program allows poor children to meet their monthly payments and buy books.

  And can buy your own copy and also afford the expenses. Pakistan has a very high poverty rate which is why there are many children who are unable to get an education.

BISP Taleem-e-Wazaif

Ehsaas waseela taleem online Registration

How To Check Ehsaas Taleemi Wazaif Application Form

The government of Pakistan has launched an application for registration in educational resources, through which you can make educational scholarships for your children at home. You may also be processed

After receiving your application, you will be sent a message after a few days that you have been registered in the educational resource.

 That you have to maintain your attendance up to 70% in acceptance so that you continue to receive the payment of stipends.

Eligibility Criteria

In addition, the Wasila Education Program will provide free education to eligible family members. You have to meet certain criteria to be eligible for the program.

  • Remember that children whose family income is 12,000 or less will be included in this program.
  • The family should own up to 1 million in land or its equivalent; if more than this, their children will not be eligible.
  • No family member who is enrolled in is studying or has studied in a private college or university
  • The family should not have any member who is employed by the Government of Pakistan
  • The age of the head of the household should be between 18 years ie the age of the parents
  • The head of the household should not be involved in any criminal activity

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